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Sept. 2021:

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Dec. 2019: 

Chicago  Psychoanalytic Society, respondent for Daniel Gaztambide, "A People’s History of Psychoanalysis: From Historical Memory to Clinical Praxis

​Psychology and the Other Conference, respondent for Francisco González, Plenary Address, "The Edifice Complex: Towards a Transmural Psychoanalysis.”

​American Psychoanalytic Association, 110th Annual Meeting. Case Study for Clinical Plenary Session on Frantz Fanon, “Port in a Storm.”

New York, NY: Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology, 40th Annual Spring meeting, Simultaneous translator for Mireille Fanon-Mendes-France, keynote speaker.

Chicago IL: Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis. "Freud: From the first to the second topography." Winter quarter of 3-quarter Freud sequence for psychoanalytic candidates and other students.

Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute: "Psychoanalysis and the Colonial Imagination."

Milwaukee, WI: Wisconsin Psychoanalytic Society. "Race and Psychoanalysis: The Question of Primitivity."

​New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis: “The Racial Inheritance of Psychoanalysis.”

American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting: “Reading Freud’s Group Psychology Against the Grain.”

Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute: “Facets of Race in Psychoanalysis: The Issue of the Primitive.” Workshop with Francisco González.

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